Highly insulated & airtight

Court Place Cottages in Withycombe, are a pair of new build farm workers cottages and the brainchild of a 'green' building partnership between ourselves and The Crown Estate. We have combined sustainable design and environmentally sound development with a contemporary interpretation of local vernacular architecture.

The cottages use one of the most effective and simple ways to control heat loss from buildings by being highly insulated and air-tight. The 'Warmcell' recycled newspaper insulation has been complemented by timber construction frames (containing less embodied CO2 than concrete block construction) with locally sourced, environmentally sound clay tiles being used on the roof. The whole building design and orientation is predetermined to maximise passive solar gain and the 'heat for free' principle.

The resulting cottages are a joyful combination of modest housing and sustainable building practice. Sitting gable end to the road and reflecting the shape and form of the vernacular buildings of the farm complex of which they are part.