lias barn

The conversion of this barn provided a new home for a farming family who had used it for generations. A wealth of knowledge of the history of the barn and surrounding countryside set a clear vision for the conversion. The project had to be: respectful of the setting and environment; maintain the historic character and features of the barn; and take best advantage of the views and light available in the open countryside location.

The living room and master bedroom are located on the first floor, making best use of the space and views available from within the pitched roof of the barn. A new staircase creates a beautiful connection between the first floor living room and the ground floor dining room, designed with the help of local craftsmen to achieve the bespoke, organic curves. At ground floor the dining room wall opens up by way of a series of double doors allowing the space to flow seamlessly from inside to outside through the restored white lias stone pillars.

Behind the barnʼs traditional appearance, the walls, floor and roof are packed with insulation. Renewable and sustainable heat is provided by a ground-source heat-pump and a solar thermal panel supplements the hot water generation.