coach house

The Coach House is a converted barn situated in a rural location, part of a complex of barn conversions approximately 15 years old, the original barn having been built in the nineteenth century. The property had one entrance which opened directly onto the hall giving no weather protection to the entrance. The porch extension to the existing hall was designed to remedy this.

The extension was constructed using matching slate roof covering and red random rubble sandstone to match the existing appearance of the property. The porch is full height and in addition to echoing the form of a traditional barn entrance, its double height creates a space for more welcoming light within the porch and deeper light penetration into the existing building. The glazed front maximises light through to the hall, and provides a view of the current existing arched doorway and stone wall.

Whilst traditional in design and in keeping with the existing buildings in terms of materials and references, the porch is clearly modern in its appearance and ensures that the stages of the property's building history can still be perceived.