• Listed farmhouse - windows (exterior)
  • Listed farmhouse - new interior space
  • Listed farmhouse - detailing
  • Listed farmhouse - kitchen extension
court hall

Louise Crossman Architects were appointed to look critically at the existing spaces and building footprint of Court Hall and to provide proposals to extend the property. The extensions were required to maximise the functional space available in the property whilst also improving the relationship between the cottage and garden. Although modern, the extensions had to be subservient to the main house and the character of the cottage on the streetscape had to be maintained, as the building holds a prominent position at the centre of the village.

The proposal was to create an extension to each gable of the cottage that would be significantly subordinate to the existing farmhouse. The extensions are further concealed by having a roadside elevation that looks like the cottage's garden wall and follows the line of the road to maintain a hard edge that is characteristic of this section of the street. Glazing on this public side of the extensions is screened with oak louvres to provide and maintain privacy. Behind these walls the extensions are constructed with an exposed oak frame that is substantially glazed to enable both a visual connection and actual physical access to the existing garden that is completely private.

Louise Crossman Architects were awarded 'Best Domestic Extension' at the Somerset West Local Authority Building Control's Excellence Awards 2010 for this project, followed by an nomination in the 2013 South West Regional LABC Excellence Awards.