• Pool - indoors
  • Pool - country house
  • Pool - showing steps
  • Pool - reflection through windows

This Grade II* Listed private house complex was comprehensively restored and modernised (see Historic Portfolio).

In addition to the work to the existing building a new contemporary indoor pool and gym with associated service accommodation was constructed to provide private leisure facilities for the residents. Whilst the pool building is necessarily large in order to accommodate the pool and associated service rooms and equipment, it has been designed to integrate with the character of the existing courtyard wall and landscape through the motif of a traditional timber pergola which wraps round the building.

The building is lower than the existing house, whose upper rooms look down over the pool's growing sedum roof. The light and open pool hall utilises traditional slate for the floor and pool surround, which in turn opens out on to the south facing ha-ha terrace through large sliding glass doors, thus giving the sense of swimming in the garden.