Louise Crossman Architects is an RIBA Chartered Practice

The RIBA Chartered Practice scheme is a client focused accreditation scheme for architectural practices, which offers benefits to both clients and architects. It arose from increased public and government pressure for consumer protection, client demands for a recognised system for selecting accredited architectural practices and from architects themselves seeking more robust promotion from the RIBA.

To qualify as an RIBA Chartered Practice, an architectural practice has to demonstrate high standards of professionalism and business effectiveness. RIBA Chartered Practices have to work to a common set of standards, and their clients can expect a high quality service.


The Green Register offers expert and unbiased training on sustainable building practices to all disciplines of the construction industry.

If you have a construction project in mind, you may be considering the impact the work will have on the environment. This may include issues such as impact on the site, the local community, land use, choice of materials, renewable energy technologies and energy efficient heating and cooling systems, as examples.

Whilst there are many products and systems now available on the market, it is important to use the services of professionals who have a clear understanding of how to implement sustainable building practices.

Louise Crossman Architects is a member of the Green Register, accredited with advanced CPD status in Sustainable Building, and we have experience of working with many new and historical building types in a range of locations and this feeds into practically applied, imaginative advice achieving not only a reduced carbon footprint but reduced building running costs.

We see your home or business as a resource for both saving and generating new sources of energy and with the application of good design, sustainable technology need not be a "bolt-on" but an integrated part of an architectural solution, meaning your home is a pleasure to look at, live in and look after.